Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog Post 8

This post spoke wonders to me. I loved the fact that Mr. McClung used his own experiences as tools to inspire others to be better teachers. Like I've said before, the real learning experience is going to come from having a class of my own. I completely see that is 100% true now that I have read his post. The parts that spoke to me the most were Communication and Never Stop Learning.
Communication is an amazing tool to have in every day life. I could imagine in a classroom full of students communication is very important. The kids don't want to just hear you talk, they want to interact and do something fun. Communication can be used in a lot of fun ways. Communication is also a tool that you learn over time. Some people are natural at talking to others, but it's not just talking we're getting at here. Communication is much more than that. It is interaction. You talk while they listen, and you listen while they talk. Listening is a big part of communication. I know when I was little, I hated when I felt ignored. I wanted people to listen, really listen, to what I had to say. I know that feeling, and this advice helps me understand it a lot more.
Never stop learning was another important point Mr. McClung made in his post. Everything we teach is always going to be changing. History is changing every day. We have new presidents, disasters, and triumphs to add in. Technology is growing in the classroom and in the world as well. We cannot just sit back and not teach this stuff because our kids will be lost later on if we didn't. A teacher has to be willing to learn every day and be open minded. An open minded teacher, I feel, can accomplish almost anything.
I really enjoyed his post and I am now adding this blog to my PLN.

What We Have Learned About Blogging-Discussion on Podcast Subjects


Hand and Footprints by Kids
This week I commented on Britney's Blog. She had just started up, but her blog was quite interesting. I decided to comment on a post she wrote about Guy Fawkes. She told this fabulous story about him. I commented, telling her I was commenting for this class and that she did an excellent job. I told her I learned a great deal about Guy Fawkes by reading this story and I was excited she gave me a chance to give my opinion. The story was about how people wanted to kill the King and Queen of England to make England Catholic again. I told her, i didn't know about her, but I would much rather do anything but fight, so I thought they should have resolved it some other way. I was excited I got to give her feedback on this. You can visit her blog by clicking here

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog Post 7

Randy Paush Last Lecture : Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Randy Paush opened this video like I would have never imagined. His bright attitude towards his life was miraculous. I loved his points in his video. His childhood dreams were obviously a very important factor in his life.
I really liked when he was talking about his second dream (playing in the NFL), and he told a story of his coach. His coach was riding him all day about not doing things right and at the end of the day the assistant coach came up to him and told him it was a good thing because when people stop riding you it means they gave up. That is a lesson, like he said, that makes me realize criticism is a very good thing. Anytime anyone is telling you that you are doing something wrong, just remember, they are trying to help. I think that is something we all need to remember. It all came down to indirect learning or "head fake". He basically said that we don't actually put our kids out there to learn football, we put them out there to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and etc. The best way to teach someone something is to think they are learning something else.
When he started to talk about his course he created at Carnegie Mellon, I was very interested. I loved the fact that he was amazed by his students so much that he had to call up his mentor. I think the advice his mentor gave him was amazing as well. He said,"Go to class tomorrow, and tell them, 'Ya know? That was pretty good you guys, but I know you can do better.'" I think that really sticks with people. The more you push somebody, the more they will be able to accomplish. That gives me a lot of insight on how to encourage people when I'm a teacher. Sometimes that is all a kid needs. This was probably one of my favorite quotes in the video.
This video was very inspiring. It makes me want to lead a better life, not just be a better teacher. All of his points meant something and even though at the end he said the second "head fake" was that it was for his kids, i think this video probably has helped more people than he will ever know. I loved how he had the courage to fulfill all of his dreams. Learning how to do that is very hard, but he made it possible.
He said at the end he can't do anything without having fun. Having fun is an easier way to learn than just throwing it at someone. Having fun is a fun way to learn and that is one of my objectives as a teacher. I loved how he put up the Tigger and Eeyore debate. He said it was obvious where he stood. I think we all should decide if we are going to be Tiggers or Eeyores because those are two very opposite sides of the spectrum. He said that we shouldn't forget the childlike wonder. When you are a child, you dream endlessly. People can't seriously think it is a good idea to bash those dreams. They are children, that is what they do, they dream. Dreaming is creative and helpful in a child's life. Helping others was a major part of this video. Being a teacher is obviously about helping others. Helping others learn is a very important thing in a person's life. Help others in all you do is what he meant. His consistency of mentioning the brick walls of life were inspirational also. Every time you want something, you have to go get it. The brick walls will be there for you to knock down, not give up in front of.
This video was one of my favorites so far. It was very touching and educational. I recommend this video to anyone who reads this post. It was fantastic and uplifting.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Post 6

Dr. Richard E. Miller Discusses Writing With MultiMedia
This video shows every aspect of the internet and what it can do. The internet is always growing and has every kind of information you could ever want to find. In a matter of seconds you can find anything you want to know.
It seems to me this is already happening in a way. The internet and technology is being used more and more every day. Teachers and students alike are having to learn and use these new things. He showed with all his different pages how easy it is to research a topic. I could write a paper in twenty minutes using the internet just because information can be found that fast.
I am willing to write with multimedia. I feel like my students will most likely be able to do this. I feel like when I get to become a teacher with a class of my own there will be all sorts of new requirements and fun things to learn. Getting a degree isn't the end. The real learning experience comes from having a classroom of your own.
These videos were interesting and made a lot of good points. I enjoyed watching them.

The Networked Student By: Wendy Drexler
This video was pretty fascinating. You see all the different connections that can be made by using the internet. A student like this, I think, has to want to learn on his own. This is not a bad thing. The information a student could search for using PLNs, blogs, and Google could help him in numerous ways.
This illustration was very simple, but kept my interest. We just started making our own PLNs in this class. It makes me excited to be able to have something like that. I can come in contact with a million people on a million different subjects. The reason PLNs are recommended is because, like this video shows, it is easy. Organizing all your thoughts can help you along the way.
I think this video will help a lot of people in EDM310 understand exactly what a PLN is and exaclty why we are making our own. I am a very organized person, so this tool is probably the one I am most excited about using in future years. Once I make one, I know it will be ever changing and always there for my ideas and thoughts.

Toward a New Future of Whatever
This was a funny and interesting attempt at showing how people have acted and will continue to act over the years. I know when I was a young teenager, I had an attitude and always used the word whatever. Now that I am older and not such a brat, I use it in terms like he said was used in the 60's.
I feel like the term whatever can be used in any situation. When you get a question wrong and your embarrassed, just say, "Whatever!" and it will all be fixed. That is what I think most people think to use it for. If you say the word whatever in a situation, you look cool like you don't care and you are just shrugging it off your shoulders.
The word whatever and it's never ending meanings with always be around. When I'm a teacher, I will have to be careful not to use whatever. I'll have to answer with a more definite word. Whatever, to me, is a very casual word. This video was funny and kept my interest and made me realize how much I really do say whatever. I need to stop that!

I completely misunderstood this video at first. I watched it again for a second time. The end of the video when he starts showing all these people connecting to everyone around the world in so many ways was touching. Some people feel completely alone, but by the internet, they aren't. It showed how people interact and put themselves out there. The internet is full of "whatever", I guess that is what he really meant. At first I just took it all literal and looked at it as just a word. It's not just a word, especially in this video. All those people opening themselves up to the world, to whoever, or whatever might see their video shows me how important youtube can be. I always looked at media and the internet as just something to get on or look at when I'm bored. After watching this video, I realized that the internet is much, much more than that.

C4K Assignment 1

This week I commented on Takai's Volcano Video. He did an excellent job with creating a volcano and talking about it. I commented on his post telling him how great he did and to keep up the good work. I really enjoyed his creativity with his animation. His volcano was plain, then it showed the magma, then the magma started to rise. He was a very good reader and did a fantastic job on his post. I really enjoyed commenting on his video. Click Here to see his blog post along with a lot of his classmates blog posts.

Current Status on PLN

The Opportunities You Can Organize in a PLN
I have been working on making my own PLN. Like the video we had to watch, I am organizing all of my information on Symbaloo. It doesn't have a lot going on right now, just the basics of what I need for this class and my personal life. Im trying to get the hang of it. It seems like a very useful tool to be able to use in the classroom and for anything else for that matter. I try to be a very organized person and with a PLN it makes me feel at ease that everything is there and put together.


Blog Post 5

Smart Board Comparisons
After reading about why Smart Boards are and are not dumb, I came to realize that they can be both. Yes, they are expensive and a little cliche, but also, they are helpful and keep the students' attention. On the many sites I looked at, teachers from all over the world love Smart Boards. My teachers used Smart Boards in my high school. Click Here to see the blog I viewed to compare and contrast to "Why Smart Boards Are a Dumb Initiative" and "Why I Hate Interactive White Boards". I think both made very good points. The only thing I don't like about the Smart Board idea is that students are watching YOU use the Smart Board. Yeah, they can walk up every once and while and answer a question on there, but they are not using it full on. That is the only thing with it that worries me. Students should be using technology, not just learning about it.

EDM For Dummies and The Chipper Series
This was a funny video that shows exactly what a lot of students, I'm sure, want to do right now. This class is pretty stressful, but just like the end of the video, I feel like it will be worth it. There are a lot of new things that we are learning from EDM310 and yes, it can get stressful, but asking questions, like Dr. Strange said on the class blog is the number one thing. I think this video gives a little reassurance that you aren't the only person having trouble and that it is okay to get help. I liked the encouragement in this video. It makes me excited to continue with my EDM career.
The Chipper series was another funny one. It shows how a lot of people think, because that really is true. It gives practical definitions of things we normally wouldn't define.
Watching these videos gives me tons of ideas that I could make into a movie. Anytime a student needed a visual lesson, it'd be easy to put it on the web and them go watch it. I feel like making funny ones would keep the interest, so I would probably go that route.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Post 4

The Eagle's Nest Radio
It seems like these kids have a lot of fun. I really like this link because it shows that anyone of any age can strive when it comes to technology. This kind of work is probably more fun for them anyway.
I feel like these kids would be much more excited about a podcast than sitting and writing a paper. It takes just as much creativity and brain power. I think this podcast for these third graders is brilliant. School and learning is supposed to fun, in my opinion. It keeps it interesting. This kind of thing will do that.

Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom
I watched a video on this one about how podcasting can benefit the classroom. He spoke of plenty of ways it could help. You can interact with students outside of the classroom. They can be educated anytime and anywhere.
This is helpful to me because I never really knew what a podcast was. I watched his video and was opened up to something brand new. I'm excited to be able to try this and learn about this. It seems like a good tool to have. Having knowledge about podcasting, i feel, will let you connect with your students on a whole other level. I love the idea of using this in the future.

100 Ways To Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better
This article is very interesting. It tells you all you need to know about podcasts and how to use them. With a podcast, you can do anything. You can talk about music, politics, yourself, anything! It really shows how broad of a spectrum you can have with a podcast.
Being introduced to podcasts is kind of fascinating. I never realized how many people want to hear about this stuff. It said in the article, to get your podcast going, you need a variety of things. You need an audience to capture, something to talk about, and make it interesting. There could be an infinite number of opportunities to come form making a podcast.

The Education Podcast Network
This is really cool. All of these teachers coming together to share ideas is fantastic! Being in this class has really shown me how many people there really are in this world. We are only half way through, so I'm sure my eyes will be opened even further. It is wonderful that teachers are trying to be more technologically literate. All of the teachers on this podcast are letting other teachers know and comment on their ideas for kids.
Kids need to be taught this stuff. If every teacher were to be like the ones on this website, then I feel like kids are going to grow up with no problems. Anything and everything can be shared in a podcast, so why not use every aspect we can?

Overall, I think podcasting would be loads of fun! Like Ms. Scarf said on her page, we might be the inspiration for our students' success. I've learned from viewing all these different pages that podcasting can be very educational, but very fun as well. Students obviously enjoy doing them. If I had done this kind of stuff in school, I would've had a blast.
Podcasting seems to be a fun and easy way to come in contact with people all around the world. Imagine the opportunities our students will have. Learning about new things, like podcasts, make me very excited to be a "next generation" teacher. I cannot wait to instill just a sliver of this technology to my students one day.

TimeToast Timeline

Why I Want To Be A Teacher Movie

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog Post 3

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? by: Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod is the co-creator of the Did You Know? videos. He is an associate professor at Iowa State University. I really enjoyed his post. At first, I was confused because I thought he was going to be saying technology was a bad thing. I finally clued in that he was being sarcastic. I loved the twist at the end. The whole time your reading, you think he is bashing technology and all the bad things about it are the only important ones. This is true, there are bad things that can come with technology, but we have to still put this stuff out there for kids to learn. The bad things can be over looked. The statement he makes at the end about seeing who is going to have a leg up in the world makes you realize that technology can be an advantage. It is obviously going to be the ones with technology instilled in their brains. Technology, like I say almost every time, is ever changing and ever growing. Of course the people who know more about it are going to be able to strive later on in life.

The iSchool Initiative

Wow. This video is very interesting. I feel like in years to come that this idea is fully reachable. It seems a little far fetched, but if you think about it, iPhones and iTouches have everything you could possibly imagine on them. Why not have a school. Like he said, it would cut down on a lot of costs for paper, pencils, and ink. The iSchool, I feel, is a great idea. I think it can happen, but as it would cut down the cost of a lot of different things, I feel like some paper and books would still be needed. It is a school after all. I liked this video a lot and I hope a lot more people will come around to watching it soon.

Watch the Lost Generation

Okay, I really liked this video. Telling a story forward then backward was really cool. It was kind of depressing the first time around, but when it reversed it was uplifting and exciting. I hope this video is true. Anyone who watches this video should realize the world is in need of some leaders. We have a lot, they just need to learn to work together to make this place even more wonderful. I really enjoyed this video and I am excited about it being watched all over the world.

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

This video makes you realize how many people you can encounter online. All these people from all around the world came together to sing just one song. When you put them all together was a beautiful. The way they are strung together makes the virtual choir look huge. This video was fun and very relaxing to watch. I enjoyed it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Post 2

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

A Vision of Students Today by: Michael Wesch is an eye opening presentation. I loved how it started off with the writing on the walls and the desks. When it moved to the students, it made me think about everything that was written. I had no idea that around 1 billion people in the world make less than $1 a day. That is absolutely crazy to me.
The comments about Facebook are completely true. Facebook has slowly taken over people's lives. A lot of people's entire social network is on Facebook. Communication is very important, but it is healthy to have face to face communication as well as technology communication. I think everyone should be required to watch this video. It makes you realize how most people spend their college career. When you realize the job you are going to get when you graduate does not even exist yet, it makes you wonder how much the world can actually evolve in just 2-4 years. This video has an important message that will continue to open eyes in the future, hopefully.

It's Not About the Technology By: Kelly Hines

I really enjoyed Kelly Hines' post. She made me feel a lot at ease about my future as a teacher. I do think technology is very important in the classroom, but as I've said before, it's impossible to always stay on top of every software and new gadget.
I loved how she mentioned the smart board thing. When I was in middle school, all my teachers had smart boards. Only about 50% actually used them. It IS a waste of money, like she pointed out. Teachers do have to be open to change, because change is all that's coming.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

First thing is first, the quote he wrote in twice really turned some wheels, huh? If a teacher who is technologically illiterate now is equivalent to a teacher who couldn't read and write then, that really makes me want to jump up and learn everything there is to learn about technology. I never want to be classified as technologically illiterate. If you think about it though, I think everyone is.
There is an ever growing market of technology in the world. You can say you know everything about it and then something new comes along. It's an expanding and continuous learning process. Karl Fisch made a lot of good points in this post. I think that when it comes to technology, I completely agree, you need to be open-minded. No one person can know everything. I feel like this pushes me forward to my classroom and camouflages an important trait of patience. A student in a class might know a lot more about a new technology than you do. This is why you can learn alongside your students. It's not wrong! You, like I've agreed before, don't have to know everything to teach it.
Technology in the classroom is forever growing and will be more and more common as the years progress. No one can ignore the impact technology has had on the world. Karl Fisch's blog was very interesting to read and I enjoyed it. I hope a lot more people get a chance to read this in the future.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

Wow! This is absolutely amazing to me. You never realize how many people are in the world until you look at this (and this is only on the computer)! There are so many people signing up for this and commenting on that. It makes me wonder... How many people could I actually come in contact with online? How many opportunities could arise from me blogging? I have never blogged before this class or used twitter. The only social network I use is Facebook.
These numbers make me excited to be in the technologically savvy world. It makes me excited to see what is in store for this semester and this blog.

C4T 1, 2, and 3

Week 1:
I have been following TeacherNZ. His blog, What Now? What Next? So What?, is the one I have been reading. The first post I commented on was the post about twitter. It had a few different links to videos about twitter and why it is important. I commented saying that it was very interesting. I am new to twitter myself, so it made me appreciate and understand it a lot more. I gave him a link to my class blog and told him I would be summarizing my comments no later than June 30th to my blog.

Week 2:
I commented on TeacherNZ's post about Paperless Day. It had a video up about what they did on Paperless Day. It looked like a lot of fun and that is exactly what I told him in my comment. I told him I would love to be a part of Paperless Day. The kids got to be on computers, cell phones, cameras, and microphones. They planted seeds, painted, and just had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this post.

Week 3:
On this last week of following TeacherNZ, I watched a very interesting trailer on why the internet is so important. His post was about the internet being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was saying a lot of people had said it was bogus and that it is ridiculous that the internet should win. I commented on his post thanking him for reminding me that it was people who started the internet and people who keep it going. Not a lot of people think about the internet that way. I think it's important for people to actually be reminded of this. It is THE PEOPLE who make the difference and change the world! You can visit his blog by clicking here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Post 1

Did You Know? By: Karl Fisch

Did You Know? By: Karl Fisch was very interesting. It really opened my eyes to what is going on around the world. Technology is everywhere and according to this presentation it is not going to diminish anytime soon. My attention was caught immediately when it showed the ever ascending population of the world. I was hooked until the very end when it said that in just 5 minutes there were 395 babies born in India.
It amazes me that text messages sent everyday exceeds the number of people populating the world. Another astonishing fact in this video is that by 2049, we might have a computer that exceeds the computational capabilities of the entire human species. It seems to me that later on in life we might actually have flying cars and people living on the moon. Technology, as this shows, is growing rapidly everyday. I think we all need to stay on top of our game when it comes to technology and its advances so we don't get overrun by some computer.

Mr. Winkle Wakes By: Mathew Needleman

Mr. Winkle Wakes By: Mathew Needleman shows how much technology has grown over the years. When I watch this video, it makes me think to put myself in Mr. Winkle's shoes. Imagine if you were put in a time machine and sent to the year 2040. I would think technology would be drastically different in 30 years. You would most likely travel around, trying to blend in, but it wouldn't be all that easy with nothing familiar around.
It also brought my attention to the lack of technology in a classroom. If we have all this technology circling the workplace and others facilities, then why do we not teach the use of them in a classroom? It seems to be a little backward. I think we should teach kids how to use the different kinds of technology so when they get out in the real world, they will not be lost.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity is a rather amusing video. He captured my attention with his attitude and jokes. I have to agree with most of what he said. I have been a dancer and a baton twirler my entire life. I have no idea where I would be today without the discipline and hard work I had to go through. His story about the woman, who in present day would have been diagnosed with A.D.H.D, was an amazing one to me. Her whole life she thought she was weird and did not belong, but when one person gave her a chance to be herself and show some creativity, she was brilliant. It makes me smile inside and out that she would find something to build her life on that is her passion and an important factor of continuing creativity.
He mentioned the gift of human imagination. For example, there are so many different ways a group of people could look at a plain green wall. One person could look at it and see just a plain green wall, while another person could look at it and think of thirteen different things they could do with the wall. It all depends on how big you think. I think creativity is very important. When I get to be a teacher, I hope I will be able to push creativity as much as possible. You never know what the human brain could think up.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts was a very interesting video to me. I think it is great what Vicki Davis is doing with her students. When she said that people do not have to know everything before they teach it, I was taken back. When she explained later though, I completely understood.
She uses every kind of technology possible in her classroom, which is very rare in a high school classroom. I loved how she was learning as she was teaching her students. As we grow older technology is going to become more and more advanced. We cannot always keep up to date on everything electronic, so her saying she was learning from her students was very realistic to me. If technology is ever growing, then we will soon outgrow what we know. We all need to have this mindset when teaching a class, because keeping technology and all things electronic in the classroom will most likely push a lot more students to succeed.


A Wordle About My Life

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Post

Hello everyone, this is my first post for EDM310 class! I have never blogged before, so this should be an interesting experience for me. I'm excited to see what is in store for this semester!