Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blog Post 3

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? by: Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod is the co-creator of the Did You Know? videos. He is an associate professor at Iowa State University. I really enjoyed his post. At first, I was confused because I thought he was going to be saying technology was a bad thing. I finally clued in that he was being sarcastic. I loved the twist at the end. The whole time your reading, you think he is bashing technology and all the bad things about it are the only important ones. This is true, there are bad things that can come with technology, but we have to still put this stuff out there for kids to learn. The bad things can be over looked. The statement he makes at the end about seeing who is going to have a leg up in the world makes you realize that technology can be an advantage. It is obviously going to be the ones with technology instilled in their brains. Technology, like I say almost every time, is ever changing and ever growing. Of course the people who know more about it are going to be able to strive later on in life.

The iSchool Initiative

Wow. This video is very interesting. I feel like in years to come that this idea is fully reachable. It seems a little far fetched, but if you think about it, iPhones and iTouches have everything you could possibly imagine on them. Why not have a school. Like he said, it would cut down on a lot of costs for paper, pencils, and ink. The iSchool, I feel, is a great idea. I think it can happen, but as it would cut down the cost of a lot of different things, I feel like some paper and books would still be needed. It is a school after all. I liked this video a lot and I hope a lot more people will come around to watching it soon.

Watch the Lost Generation

Okay, I really liked this video. Telling a story forward then backward was really cool. It was kind of depressing the first time around, but when it reversed it was uplifting and exciting. I hope this video is true. Anyone who watches this video should realize the world is in need of some leaders. We have a lot, they just need to learn to work together to make this place even more wonderful. I really enjoyed this video and I am excited about it being watched all over the world.

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

This video makes you realize how many people you can encounter online. All these people from all around the world came together to sing just one song. When you put them all together was a beautiful. The way they are strung together makes the virtual choir look huge. This video was fun and very relaxing to watch. I enjoyed it!

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  1. I love how you write just as you speak... It really gives your posts character when you say things like "I finally clued in..." completely unafraid of judgement. One of the most important things about blogging is developing a voice. Your classmates, future students, and/or world audience will be able to recognize your thoughts as your own and feel more connected to you the more personalized you make your responses.

    iSchool is already available to you, me and our future classrooms! Just go to iTunes and explore the programs that the presenter discussed and I guarantee you will be even more "wowed". I sure was! My iTouch now has the bible, the constitution, DOI, facts about government officials, etc... access to over 23,000 books all for under 3 bucks. Imagine what you could do for your classroom with three dollars.

    "Anyone who watches this video should realize the world is in need of some leaders. We have a lot, they just need to learn to work together to make this place even more wonderful." You are so right! We need more collaboration, and hopefully by the end of EDM you will know of tons of tools to help your student collaborate more effectively.

    What is so cool about Whitaker's composition is that he had never met any of the singers in real life... I think that still holds true! You should check out his blog by googling his name to find out what countries were represented and how the whole production came together-- I thought it was pretty interesting!