Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Post 4

The Eagle's Nest Radio
It seems like these kids have a lot of fun. I really like this link because it shows that anyone of any age can strive when it comes to technology. This kind of work is probably more fun for them anyway.
I feel like these kids would be much more excited about a podcast than sitting and writing a paper. It takes just as much creativity and brain power. I think this podcast for these third graders is brilliant. School and learning is supposed to fun, in my opinion. It keeps it interesting. This kind of thing will do that.

Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom
I watched a video on this one about how podcasting can benefit the classroom. He spoke of plenty of ways it could help. You can interact with students outside of the classroom. They can be educated anytime and anywhere.
This is helpful to me because I never really knew what a podcast was. I watched his video and was opened up to something brand new. I'm excited to be able to try this and learn about this. It seems like a good tool to have. Having knowledge about podcasting, i feel, will let you connect with your students on a whole other level. I love the idea of using this in the future.

100 Ways To Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better
This article is very interesting. It tells you all you need to know about podcasts and how to use them. With a podcast, you can do anything. You can talk about music, politics, yourself, anything! It really shows how broad of a spectrum you can have with a podcast.
Being introduced to podcasts is kind of fascinating. I never realized how many people want to hear about this stuff. It said in the article, to get your podcast going, you need a variety of things. You need an audience to capture, something to talk about, and make it interesting. There could be an infinite number of opportunities to come form making a podcast.

The Education Podcast Network
This is really cool. All of these teachers coming together to share ideas is fantastic! Being in this class has really shown me how many people there really are in this world. We are only half way through, so I'm sure my eyes will be opened even further. It is wonderful that teachers are trying to be more technologically literate. All of the teachers on this podcast are letting other teachers know and comment on their ideas for kids.
Kids need to be taught this stuff. If every teacher were to be like the ones on this website, then I feel like kids are going to grow up with no problems. Anything and everything can be shared in a podcast, so why not use every aspect we can?

Overall, I think podcasting would be loads of fun! Like Ms. Scarf said on her page, we might be the inspiration for our students' success. I've learned from viewing all these different pages that podcasting can be very educational, but very fun as well. Students obviously enjoy doing them. If I had done this kind of stuff in school, I would've had a blast.
Podcasting seems to be a fun and easy way to come in contact with people all around the world. Imagine the opportunities our students will have. Learning about new things, like podcasts, make me very excited to be a "next generation" teacher. I cannot wait to instill just a sliver of this technology to my students one day.

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  1. Maeghan,

    You made me smile when I read this ... Being in this class has really shown me how many people there really are in this world. This class has been a great class for not only the technology you can learn but the people you can meet. There are so many people out there who have been there done that that we can learn from and they can learn from us also. You are building a great foundation in this course and you have a great attitude to become a great teacher.