Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Post 5

Smart Board Comparisons
After reading about why Smart Boards are and are not dumb, I came to realize that they can be both. Yes, they are expensive and a little cliche, but also, they are helpful and keep the students' attention. On the many sites I looked at, teachers from all over the world love Smart Boards. My teachers used Smart Boards in my high school. Click Here to see the blog I viewed to compare and contrast to "Why Smart Boards Are a Dumb Initiative" and "Why I Hate Interactive White Boards". I think both made very good points. The only thing I don't like about the Smart Board idea is that students are watching YOU use the Smart Board. Yeah, they can walk up every once and while and answer a question on there, but they are not using it full on. That is the only thing with it that worries me. Students should be using technology, not just learning about it.

EDM For Dummies and The Chipper Series
This was a funny video that shows exactly what a lot of students, I'm sure, want to do right now. This class is pretty stressful, but just like the end of the video, I feel like it will be worth it. There are a lot of new things that we are learning from EDM310 and yes, it can get stressful, but asking questions, like Dr. Strange said on the class blog is the number one thing. I think this video gives a little reassurance that you aren't the only person having trouble and that it is okay to get help. I liked the encouragement in this video. It makes me excited to continue with my EDM career.
The Chipper series was another funny one. It shows how a lot of people think, because that really is true. It gives practical definitions of things we normally wouldn't define.
Watching these videos gives me tons of ideas that I could make into a movie. Anytime a student needed a visual lesson, it'd be easy to put it on the web and them go watch it. I feel like making funny ones would keep the interest, so I would probably go that route.


  1. Maeghan,

    I am glad you enjoyed the movies. They were a lot of fun to make, and you are right about funny movies keeping someone's interest. I am so glad that you understand the points the movies are making. I am also happy that you are excited to continue your technology journey. It is well worth it, and when you are finished with the class, you will be a completely changed person.

  2. You did a great job comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of smartboards. I particularly like how you were able to add the link in the middle of your comments and made it flow so well. I agree with you about the funny video ideas. I came up with a few ideas myself and they all seemed to have a comedy background. Keep up the good work!

  3. Think about such a movie for your final project!

    I will repeat part of what I wrote for James Marshall since it also applies to you:

    SMARTBoards often become ways for teachers to use "canned" programs that often reduce the possibilities for teacher and student creativity. But anything that engages the student is good. Kelly Hines says they should be used as "student tools" not "teacher tools." I think the money would be better spent giving the students their own tools to use in and out of school. But Smartboards are in Baldwin and Mobile schools so our task is now to figure out how they can be used most effectively and creatively. And you are part of that process!