Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Post 6

Dr. Richard E. Miller Discusses Writing With MultiMedia
This video shows every aspect of the internet and what it can do. The internet is always growing and has every kind of information you could ever want to find. In a matter of seconds you can find anything you want to know.
It seems to me this is already happening in a way. The internet and technology is being used more and more every day. Teachers and students alike are having to learn and use these new things. He showed with all his different pages how easy it is to research a topic. I could write a paper in twenty minutes using the internet just because information can be found that fast.
I am willing to write with multimedia. I feel like my students will most likely be able to do this. I feel like when I get to become a teacher with a class of my own there will be all sorts of new requirements and fun things to learn. Getting a degree isn't the end. The real learning experience comes from having a classroom of your own.
These videos were interesting and made a lot of good points. I enjoyed watching them.

The Networked Student By: Wendy Drexler
This video was pretty fascinating. You see all the different connections that can be made by using the internet. A student like this, I think, has to want to learn on his own. This is not a bad thing. The information a student could search for using PLNs, blogs, and Google could help him in numerous ways.
This illustration was very simple, but kept my interest. We just started making our own PLNs in this class. It makes me excited to be able to have something like that. I can come in contact with a million people on a million different subjects. The reason PLNs are recommended is because, like this video shows, it is easy. Organizing all your thoughts can help you along the way.
I think this video will help a lot of people in EDM310 understand exactly what a PLN is and exaclty why we are making our own. I am a very organized person, so this tool is probably the one I am most excited about using in future years. Once I make one, I know it will be ever changing and always there for my ideas and thoughts.

Toward a New Future of Whatever
This was a funny and interesting attempt at showing how people have acted and will continue to act over the years. I know when I was a young teenager, I had an attitude and always used the word whatever. Now that I am older and not such a brat, I use it in terms like he said was used in the 60's.
I feel like the term whatever can be used in any situation. When you get a question wrong and your embarrassed, just say, "Whatever!" and it will all be fixed. That is what I think most people think to use it for. If you say the word whatever in a situation, you look cool like you don't care and you are just shrugging it off your shoulders.
The word whatever and it's never ending meanings with always be around. When I'm a teacher, I will have to be careful not to use whatever. I'll have to answer with a more definite word. Whatever, to me, is a very casual word. This video was funny and kept my interest and made me realize how much I really do say whatever. I need to stop that!

I completely misunderstood this video at first. I watched it again for a second time. The end of the video when he starts showing all these people connecting to everyone around the world in so many ways was touching. Some people feel completely alone, but by the internet, they aren't. It showed how people interact and put themselves out there. The internet is full of "whatever", I guess that is what he really meant. At first I just took it all literal and looked at it as just a word. It's not just a word, especially in this video. All those people opening themselves up to the world, to whoever, or whatever might see their video shows me how important youtube can be. I always looked at media and the internet as just something to get on or look at when I'm bored. After watching this video, I realized that the internet is much, much more than that.


  1. Your comments are well put and your responses are great. I am not sure that you understood the last video though. It was not really about "whatever." The first 12:34 of it was, but the last 20 minutes was about something way deeper. It was how we connect through videos and how YouTube enables people to come together. I firmly believe everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but the second half of that video is really good. If you have not watched it you should fast forward it to about 15 minutes and then watch it from there. Then you will be able to skip most of the boring stuff. I like your enthusiasm and your students will be lucky to have such a motivated teacher. Keep up the good work!

  2. I did watch it, I guess I just talked about the first part mostly. I need to go watch it again now that you said that though. I am interested in catching what I didn't the first time. Thanks so much!

  3. Great analysis Maeghan!

    I agree, the Networked Student video drives the importance of the PLN home for many EDM310 students. If you like this format, Google Lee Lefever. He has made volumes of these videos on using a lot of things like Twitter, Delicious, etc.

    I alos think "whatever" is a great word.

    Good Job, keep it up! SS

  4. Hi Maeghan!

    I agree with your comments. Especially the one about how the real learning experience will come when we get our own classrooms. There is no better teacher than experience! Great job going back to the third video to get another perspective on it. Sometimes I have to do that. It is amazing how your mood or something you just saw on television or a story you just heard can affect how you perceive something. I tend to have different viewpoints or understandings depending on what it relates closest to for me at that point in time. And, I agree with you and Stephen...whatever is a great word in so many situations! Keep up the good work!