Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog Post 8

This post spoke wonders to me. I loved the fact that Mr. McClung used his own experiences as tools to inspire others to be better teachers. Like I've said before, the real learning experience is going to come from having a class of my own. I completely see that is 100% true now that I have read his post. The parts that spoke to me the most were Communication and Never Stop Learning.
Communication is an amazing tool to have in every day life. I could imagine in a classroom full of students communication is very important. The kids don't want to just hear you talk, they want to interact and do something fun. Communication can be used in a lot of fun ways. Communication is also a tool that you learn over time. Some people are natural at talking to others, but it's not just talking we're getting at here. Communication is much more than that. It is interaction. You talk while they listen, and you listen while they talk. Listening is a big part of communication. I know when I was little, I hated when I felt ignored. I wanted people to listen, really listen, to what I had to say. I know that feeling, and this advice helps me understand it a lot more.
Never stop learning was another important point Mr. McClung made in his post. Everything we teach is always going to be changing. History is changing every day. We have new presidents, disasters, and triumphs to add in. Technology is growing in the classroom and in the world as well. We cannot just sit back and not teach this stuff because our kids will be lost later on if we didn't. A teacher has to be willing to learn every day and be open minded. An open minded teacher, I feel, can accomplish almost anything.
I really enjoyed his post and I am now adding this blog to my PLN.

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  1. You want an audience. An authentic audience. Blogging can help meet that need.

    "The kids don't want to just hear you talk, they want to interact and do something fun." I couldn't agree more. It also applies to of us! Not just kids!

    Yes! Learning Never Ends. I selected that as the image to accompany the new post about Mr. McClung's comments on Year 2. Now available at the EDM310 Class Blog post Mr. McClung Reflects on Year 2.

    Well done.