Sunday, June 20, 2010

C4K Assignment 1

This week I commented on Takai's Volcano Video. He did an excellent job with creating a volcano and talking about it. I commented on his post telling him how great he did and to keep up the good work. I really enjoyed his creativity with his animation. His volcano was plain, then it showed the magma, then the magma started to rise. He was a very good reader and did a fantastic job on his post. I really enjoyed commenting on his video. Click Here to see his blog post along with a lot of his classmates blog posts.

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  1. Great animation and you made a good report. I appreciate the link to the blog. All of these kids do good work.

    If you didn't know already, you can insert a link directly to a specific post on a blog. You can click on the title of the link you are viewing and copy the url that comes up. Insert that in your blog post as a link and it will take your visitor directly to that post of the blog. SS