Tuesday, June 8, 2010

C4T 1, 2, and 3

Week 1:
I have been following TeacherNZ. His blog, What Now? What Next? So What?, is the one I have been reading. The first post I commented on was the post about twitter. It had a few different links to videos about twitter and why it is important. I commented saying that it was very interesting. I am new to twitter myself, so it made me appreciate and understand it a lot more. I gave him a link to my class blog and told him I would be summarizing my comments no later than June 30th to my blog.

Week 2:
I commented on TeacherNZ's post about Paperless Day. It had a video up about what they did on Paperless Day. It looked like a lot of fun and that is exactly what I told him in my comment. I told him I would love to be a part of Paperless Day. The kids got to be on computers, cell phones, cameras, and microphones. They planted seeds, painted, and just had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this post.

Week 3:
On this last week of following TeacherNZ, I watched a very interesting trailer on why the internet is so important. His post was about the internet being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was saying a lot of people had said it was bogus and that it is ridiculous that the internet should win. I commented on his post thanking him for reminding me that it was people who started the internet and people who keep it going. Not a lot of people think about the internet that way. I think it's important for people to actually be reminded of this. It is THE PEOPLE who make the difference and change the world! You can visit his blog by clicking here.

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