Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Post 12

Mr McClung Reflects on Year 2
Mr McClung's Year Two post was interesting. It shows no one is perfect and even after two and half years of teaching he was reminded that he wasn't. This kind of blog really inspires me, because it makes me think of how to handle myself in the future. I love how he splits everything up into a category. A lot of the things, once you read them, are obvious. They are also the kind of things that stay in the dark that no one thinks would be a problem. That is why I love reading his posts, because he makes something so simple (really, we only think it's simple) and makes it even simpler. I haven't even started teaching my own class yet and I feel like I can relate to him. I really enjoyed reading his reflection on his year 2.
4 Videos
M-Cubed: ISTE Presentation Video was fun to watch. I really enjoy watching the kids be all excited about learning. Stuff like this is what I want to do in my classroom. When it's fun it doesn't seem like learning a lot of the time. These kids were so excited when the final product was done. I really enjoyed watching this video.
The first of the other three videos I watched is here. I watched how to change the shape of a model maker. It was very easy to do and this process seems like a lot of fun for students and teachers alike. There are endless possibilities and with all the different choices a lot of creativity could sprout in a lesson like this.
The second of the other three videos I watched is here. This showed how to move the shape along an axis or just where ever your heart desires. It showed a cool way to look at your shape. You can rotate it down and look at all the sides and move it on the axis up or down also. This is a very easy video to follow and I'm sure it gave a lot of kids an understanding of how to move their shape.
The third of the other three videos I watched is here. This video showed how to make unique shapes with model maker. It was very easy to follow, once again, and it had a lot more fun shapes to choose from.
I would like to use this process in my classroom just for the fact that it is a 3-D model. I think kids would have a blast making their own house, car, or building. They can change the color, size, and shape of it and when printed, they fold it together. It all ends up being a very cool shape where kids can make it their own. That is the most important thing, I feel, is them making it their own. In the first video I watched, I can't get over how excited that little boy was to see his box being printed. He was even acting like the printer! I think this is a very fun and easy thing to do with students. I really enjoyed watching these videos.


  1. Thorough, thoughtful, enthusiastic. well done.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post! I always enjoy reading Mr. McClung's post he always has great things to say and great advise to give. It is nice to learn from a new teacher who is going through the things that we will be going through soon!