Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Post 9

The post by Morgan Bayda was very truthful to me. I really agree with almost everything that was said and done. Education is behind, I feel. Technology is taking over and if we as future educators aren't ready to take on that responsibility, then our students are in for a rude awakening. Everything is so simple online. All information everywhere can be found just by the click of a button. Research is easier and sometimes even contact is easier online. I think everyone that is going to teach needs to sit back and think of this for later. Do you want your students to be dropping out of school because all you do is tell them facts on a PowerPoint? I don't think so. Learning is supposed to be fun and exhilarating. It's important to make it fun, because then, learning is easier as well. I really enjoyed this post and I think everyone going into education should be required to read this. It puts ideas in my head for things to do better when I'm a teacher. It also puts what NOT to do in my head as well.

Alex, or the Alabama Learning Exchange, is a database in which teachers post lesson plans and interact with one another. The website offers a lot of pre-made help. It has a place for lesson plans, which when you click on it, it takes you to a page where you can pick by subject or by grade in school. Alex seems like a very great tool to use in the future. Going and looking at all the different lesson plans on this website gives you ideas for yours. I would probably have this bookmarked as a last minute thing for when I start teaching. I could look on there and get an idea and then if I need something last minute, I could go and find something quick and easy. I had never seen a website like this before where teachers just posted lesson plans online, but it seems very helpful. It's here, so we might as well use it. I think Alex could be a very well used tool one day in my classroom.

Access was a really cool thing to learn about. It gives every student an equal opportunity to learn through distance learning. Having a vision like this, I feel, will help a lot of students become more and more independent and willing to learn. This kind of thing doesn't come to you. You have to be willing to learn to be a part of this, but it seems like a very fun and easy thing to be a part of. Access could come in handy in a lot of situations in the education world.


  1. Fun! Yes I agree!

    My "canned" comments for this assignment:

    I decided that we all need a slight bit of a "holiday" for the 4th. So you got to skip C4C Number 9; my associates got to skip comments on your post due 7/5 (Bayda, ALEX AND ACCESS); and I am doing this "group" comment for everyone who posted on time or by the "corrected” date (tonight at midnight) which means that if you get this message you were recorded as having submitted your post on time. I thought that your posts on Morgan Bayda's blog were good. Some were especially interesting and generated a personal email from me.

    We are moving into the final two weeks of the term. Only one more full week exists before the week in which your final project is due. It should be a significant project that demonstrates many of the tools you have learned to use and skills you have acquired in EDM310. It must be collaborative. If you have any questions about this project we should discuss them in lab tomorrow (Thursday July 8, 2010). There are only 12 days left in which to complete your final projects!

  2. Hi, Maeghan! I also agreed with Morgan Bayda's post. I like what you said about education being behind because I think its really true. That's obviously not a good thing. I hope our generation of teachers will be able to embrace technology and give our students all the opportunities they can get. It sounds like you will keep in mind that technology is a useful tool in your classroom. I think your future students will really benefit from your attitude about teaching.

    -Tyler T

  3. Hello Maeghan,

    I really liked what you had to say about Morgan's post. Education has fallen behind, and we are the generation to change it. With the ALEX website I agree as well that I will keep that site handy and maybe even put it on my PLN for my first couple of years of teaching. Great job Maeghan!