Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Post on Alba Middle School

The Mean Oil Spill

My Comment:Hi, my name is Maeghan Whitmire and I am commenting on this as an assignment in my class at the University of South Alabama, EDM310. I really enjoyed your video. I was very impressed. The oil spill is a tragedy a lot of people don't understand. Thank you for showing people what it's like through the eyes of someone down here. I enjoyed this very much. Keep up the great work!!

Just Pray

My Comment:Wow, you guys are great! It is so amazing that you all are spreading the message of this incident through videos. There are endless possibilities for people to watch this. You all did a great job! Keep up the good work!

Alba Middle School Students Create Videos

I thought this video showed a great representation of what her students accomplish during class. The students seemed really excited and eager to make videos for other people to watch. I really enjoy watching videos like this because it shows that there are people out there teaching technology. Not only teaching technology, but also informing about tragedies going on as we speak. I know they are close and know what is going on, but putting videos up with this topic lets other people see what is actually happening. I really enjoyed this video.

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