Saturday, July 10, 2010

C4T 4, 5, and 6

Week 1
I am following the blog "Dangerously Irrelevant" this week. The blog post I commented on was about a conference that people attended and their takes on the opening keynote of ISTE. It had a lot of blog posts and twitter posts about what happened and how they reacted. I commented on this saying that if the people went there to learn something, I don't blame them for walking out. When you have an audience that is so big you have to make sure that your Powerpoint is sufficient. It has to be readable and interesting. All the people's comments were unhappy and bashing the conference. I told him that I don't blame them, and if I were there to learn something, then I expect to learn something. I left him a link to my blog and told him I would be typing up a summary of my comments.
Week 2
This weekd "Dangerously Irrelevant" had a guest poster. Carl Anderson had a great many things to say about how important PLNs are and said a lot about TPPs. I commented on his post saying that I had never heard of TPPs, but it seemed like a really great idea to me. I told him how we, in this class, have started making our own PLNs and that they are great tools for organizing and following those who YOU want to follow. His post was very interesting and had a few videos in the mix. Feel free to go there to learn more about TPPs and about his thoughts on PLNs. Click Here
Week 3
This Week "Dangerously Irrelevant" was asking if people thought it was a good idea to have RSS readers on a school website. I commented telling him I thought it was a great idea to have RSS feeds on the school website. There were parents that had commented before me saying they would like to go to the website and be able to find out what is going on in the school very fast and an RSS feed could do that. I told him about how we have learned about technology and how to use it in a classroom in EDM310. I have now subscribed RSS feeds to many websites and I feel I would be lost without them. I told him, I would be summarizing all my comments on my blog and left a link. His blog is very interesting. I encourage any of you to go check it out.

Dangerously Irrelevant

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