Sunday, July 25, 2010

Final Blog Post

What can I say? This class has been a true inspiration to me. I never thought I would WANT to blog or WANT to record myself doing anything until this class. I never thought of the great opportunities I could come by with these things. The tools we have learned to use in this class will change, yes, but we are now introduced to them, so we can stay on top of things and use it in the future. This final blog post is kind of an overview of what the class was to me and how it effected the way I will teach my students. First off, blogging. This tool has been amazing. I have come in contact with so many people that I never would've known existed if it weren't for this class. One thing that is really cool to me is that blogging can be about ANYTHING. Earlier this semester, Jillian, Erin, and I recorded a video saying why blogging was important. We mentioned that parents can keep a look on their child's progress. I think parents being involved in the students is important as well. Blogging teaches a lot of things that can be taught on pencil and paper. Spelling, punctuation, and run-on sentences, are just a few things that can be checked and perfected through blogging. Youtube is another very useful tool we learned to use in this class. On Youtube, there are, once again, infinite possibilities of people seeing your videos. Videos can be about ANYTHING. I learned that in the classroom it would be very easy to keep my kids caught up through watching videos and answering questions. We, as a class, could make videos and share them with the world. I know a lot of schools are doing things like this now and it's amazing for the students to see the feedback they get from their videos. Twitter is another useful tool. I NEVER thought I would use Twitter. I actually hated it at first. I understand now that following influential people can inspire you to be better. Twitter has become one of my favorite things to explore. Screenjelly was another favorite. I used Screenjelly to record my presentation. I think it is very useful because you can show a student how to do something online with this tool and them watch it at home to perfect it. All the tools we learned in this class are linked in a way. No matter how big or small the project is, putting all the tools together will always make it fantastic. When I came into this class, I thought I would blog, watch videos, and maybe even make a few. What I didn't realize was that I would take away a new knowledge of how to use it, actually USE it, in my classroom. Technology is a very important aspect of the future. Students are going to get a lot more out of a technology based class, than a non-technology based class. I never thought I would actually think technology is one of the main things to teach in a class, but now I have a different respect for technology and how it can be used. This class on the side of non-technology has taught me time management. I'm in a sorority, have class, and I work, but I have never had to be more on top of my game. This class is time consuming and sometimes a little frustrating, but in the end it really is worth it. Wow, I never thought I'd say that either. Thank you Dr. Strange and staff for such a wonderful semester!

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  1. It looks like we surprised you! And you can do a lot about ANYTHING. And you NEVER thought of ... But now you will use a lot of what you have learned. That's what we hoped would happen.

    Stay in touch. Come share ANYTHING new you have learned. We want to participate in the WOW factor of your enthusiasm.

    Well done.