Saturday, July 10, 2010

Final Thoughts on my PLN

My PLN has been made through I have really enjoyed making this. It makes my life a little less hectic online. On my PLN I have a lot going on. I have my Facebook, Twitter, Skype, EDM310 class blog, and my class blog. I also have pages like Google, Youtube, and even Wordle. (You never know when you might use it!) I have around 15 blogs I have been following and they are all very interesting and they range from a teacher talking about her every day experiences to a group of teachers telling lesson plans and giving advice. I honestly do not know what I would without my PLN. It has helped me keep everything for this class super organized and put together. All of my searches for websites and blogs were made through Google. If I've learned one thing in this class it's that Google never lets you down. I have found so many interesting things through that site that I have added to my PLN. I encourage you, if you don't have a PLN, to use, because it is very easy and useful. It kept everything I needed really organized so I knew exactly where it was at all times. (I even made it my homepage!) PLNs are very useful and now that I have learned to make one, I probably will have one for as long as I use a computer. I loved the opportunities and the relief it gave me.


  1. As someone recently reminded me do not forget about all of the contacts that are around you like your classmates, libraries and other local resources. I am with you, I love my PLN and it will be a great asset from here on out.

  2. Excellent post. I agree that a PLN is going to be an invaluable resource to us as teachers. Keep up the good work.

  3. I've recently gotten on symbaloo as well, and I think it's a great resource to access anything from one place. Makes organization for absent-minded people a breeze (why I'm diggin' it)!

  4. Maeghan, thanks so much for the great mention. We are so happy that you and your classmates are using Symbaloo. Please reach out if we can answer any questions or if you have any feedback. As a side note we are also looking for teachers who would like to beta test for SymbalooEDU in the classroom.

    Team Symbaloo